Feb 18 '20 / Features
Sep 15 '20 / Features

How To Style A Covert Coat

The covert coat is a wardrobe icon thanks to its versatility, smart tailoring and functional style. This much loved modern classic spans across generations and has been a sartorial staple for urban, rural, formal and casual wardrobes thanks to its combination of style and practicality.

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Aug 26 '20 / Features

What To Wear To Your Post Lockdown Wedding

Wedding ceremonies will be smaller– but no less special - for the foreseeable future. With fewer guests and social distancing measures in place, big lavish ceremonies are being put on hold in favour of more laidback options. From garden parties to intimate registry office services, here’s what to wear to your low key wedding.

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Mens in wedding suits - Hawes & Curtis
Jun 22 '20 / Features

Look The Business When You Go Back To Work

Whether you work in a corporate setting, a smart casual agency or a laid-back start-up, here’s our guide to help you look your best for when you return to work, wherever you work.  

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