Hawes & Curtis has created comfortable clothing and accessories for men and women styled to classic British tastes since 1913. The Mark Francis Collection for Hawes & Curtis is fairly new in our classic lineup, and perfectly melds Italian flair with British design. Our first collection—created specifically for the Spring and Summer 2017 season—employs premium fabrics, contemporary silhouettes, and the most elegant and bold hues perfect for summer.


Whether you're after something simple for more formal occasions, or are in the market for a bold head-turner, the Mark Francis Collection for Hawes & Curtis has you covered. Fashioned from the best available linen and silk materials, our collection offers a wide range of colors and patters to choose from. We also offer several fitting options including slim fit, which offer a modern, sleek, and put-together look that you simply can't replicate wearing any other brand. 


Picked out a tie already? Be sure to also check out our line of pocket squares and cufflinks. Employing the trio of must-have accessories will elevate your look to the next level. We also recommend checking out our lines of dress and smart casual shirts, to freshen up the wardrobe you are clearly interested in accessorizing. Trust Hawes & Curtis with your professional dress, we guarantee you'll love your new look.