Cufflinks offer a subtle yet effective way to update your look. These timeless men's accessories have been popular for hundreds of years, and were especially favored in the 1800s, as the majority of men’s shirts were made without buttons on the cuffs. Today, these items are an excellent choice for those wanting to update a dress shirt or casual shirt, with a wide variety of styles that range from traditional to contemporary.


Hawes & Curtis boasts an excellent range of men’s cufflinks, as well as tie pins, tie clips, and tie bar accessories. With a variety of styles, colors, and materials, these items help you freshen up your look. Most of our cufflinks are made from high quality rhodium, along with silk, enamel, and other high-grade materials.


You can choose between swivel bar or chain style cufflinks, as well as assorted shapes and designs ranging from subtle circles, squares, ovals, and bars to quirky British flags and other motifs that add a playful touch to your look. Coordinating your cufflinks to your tie has never been easier. Our enamel and silk styles are offered in bright hues such as pink, green, blue, and purple for a fun, trendy alternative to our timeless silver or gold toned designs.


We also offer outstanding gift sets for the man with discerning tastes. These sets include a range of interchangeable cufflinks in assorted styles and colors, along with our beautifully crafted gift boxes that are lined with satin and felt compartments for safe storage.
Browse our selection of fashionable British cufflinks to update your wardrobe at Hawes & Curtis today.