More than a hundred years ago, Ralph Hawes and George Frederick Curtis opened their first store in London in 1913. While much has changed over the years, the legendary British style and quality made famous by Hawes & Curtis has remained. Our accessories are made from the finest materials. Key pieces include our silk pocket squares.


Also known as a handkerchief, pocket squares have a history dating back to ancient Greco-Roman times. King Richard II of England is said to have invented the current version of this accessory.


This item is proof that true style lies in the smallest of details. A well-chosen pocket square can add instant sophistication to any suit, whether it is a simple, neutral toned square or a brightly colored square with a bold pattern. Our pure silk handkerchiefs will always help you make the right impression, adding just the right touch of class for business, evening, and smart casual outfits.


A pure white cotton handkerchief is an equally timeless choice, making an ideal gift for the well-dressed gentleman. Measuring approximately 11.5 inches squared, it looks flawless with any fold. Wear with a tailored navy or black blazer and a crisp white shirt for a look that is polished and classic. You will also find elegant white handkerchiefs online in our collection, made from pure silk.


Colorful squares in bold tones or patterns add a touch of playfulness to any professional wardrobe, without losing any of their traditional elegance. The contemporary four way solid color handkerchief features a range of bright colors, making an excellent gift. Patterned squares include the iconic Prince of Wales check as well as paisley and polka dot.


As a trusted menswear specialist, Hawes & Curtis allows you to buy handkerchiefs online. Browse our range of pocket squares to update your wardrobe today.