Since our humble beginnings on Jermyn Street in 1913, when we opened our flagship store in London, Hawes & Curtis has been dedicated to providing men and women with a range of clothing that is innovative yet classic. Our women’s clothes sale gives you end of line, overstocked items that are available at reduced prices. This sale includes a selection of our iconic women’s shirts, which are offered here in assorted styles, colors and patterns.


From impeccably tailored blouses in bold hues and patterns, such as paisley, floral or geometric, to classic work shirts in subtle stripes, checks and polka dots, and conservative solid color shirts made from the finest quality materials, our reduced price shirts are designed to complement your wardrobe perfectly. Our shirts are also offered in a choice of cuts, from slim fits that give you a streamlined shape to a more relaxed cut that flows without hugging close to the body. Whether shopping for work clothes or updating your closet with statement pieces for special occasions, you are sure to find a variety of options within our ladies’ clothes sale.


While the prices may be discounted, the quality is nothing short of outstanding. Unlike clearance sales that mark down hopelessly outdated or badly made products, our sale gives you the exact same quality of our full priced shirts and blouses. This means that you will always get maximum value when shopping online at Hawes & Curtis.


Start shopping our current selection of reduced priced shirts, and enjoy the benefit of affordable prices and exceptional quality. Browse the Hawes & Curtis sales range to start searching for shirts today.