I go to the gym and I’m average height and weight, I want a shirt that shows off my build. What would you recommend?

The Extra Slim is generally the best fit to show off your physique. We also have the new Fitted Slim which is slightly more generous.



What’s your most popular fit?

The Relaxed Slim is our most popular fit. It’s a regular fitting formal shirt; tailored but not tight.



Would you recommend I visit a store to get measured up?

Yes. By all means consult our fit guide and buy online, but it’s always advisable to get measured up by our friendly store staff.



Are your dress shirts generally meant to be worn untucked or tucked in?

Our dress shirts are designed to be tucked in.



Do you have to be very skinny to wear an Extra Slim Shirt?

Not necessarily, our Extra Slim shirts fit the body nicely, but you don’t have to be a 28 inch waist to wear it.



I have a bit of a belly, could I fit into a slim fit?

Absolutely, our slim fit is very relaxed.